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How to use MYLO

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Your conversations with MYLO are private. So, explore your problem openly and freely if you wish.​


How to get the most out of MYLO

MYLO helps you reflect and explore a problem you are experiencing. We have found people get the most out of MYLO when:

  • They are ready to talk about and think about a problem they are having

  • They don’t think too long before replying and answer honestly

  • They write what they are thinking or want to talk about even if it doesn't directly answer MYLOs question

  • They write one or two full sentences when replying

  • If MYLO is not asking helpful questions, they include more detail in their responses

MYLO will talk with you for as long as you like, so once you have finished remember to end and rate the conversation.

Click here to see brief excerpt of a conversation with MYLO.

Watch the video below for more instructions.

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